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2016 Conference - Kingscliff

December 2-4, 2016
Mantra on Salt, Kingscliff NSW Australia

Reflections of Divinity, Agents of Grace

Plenary sessions and talks including topics such as:

  • The Role of Thoughts & Emotions in Physical Disease

  • Definition of Love – Functionally, spiritually, physically: an expose on Isaiah 58

  • The impact of Christianity on managing workplace stressors, and tools for application

  • The seat of the heart – the motivation of love & its role in the subconscious motivation for action

  • Devotional life

  • Our commission – combining pastoral and medical work

  • Science in lifestyle medicine

  • Health expo – practice running a small health expo (Sabbath afternoon, to be confirmed)

  • NEW: Medical student concurrent sessions (pending numbers)

  • Selected programs for children also provided as required (pending numbers).


Dr Horst Müller, an Otolaryngologist who studied medicine at the University at Freiburg, Germany. In 2004, Dr Müller opened up a private practice in the town of Weinheim, Germany, with a focus on integrating aspects of natural medicine. Dr Müller has extensively studied the relationship between the mind and body, noting the impact of thoughts on physical health.

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