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2013 Conference

November 29 - December, 2013
University College, Parkville, Melbourne, Australia

Asking to Give

Plenary sessions and workshops included topics such as:

  • The role of AMEN in Australia: Imitating Christ’s Healing Ministry

  • What is medical missionary work?

  • Reversing the worst evil

  • Leading people from health to Him

  • The eschatological role of medical missionary work

  • Medical missionary work – the undergirding of prophetic truth

  • Personal spirituality in the workplace

  • Showcase of mission opportunities in Australasia and overseas

  • Selected programs for children also provided as required.

  • And more…


Below are links to handouts from the 2013 AMEN Annual Conference. These accompanied presentations by the key speaker Don Mackintosh, Director of Newstart Global at Weimar Center for Health & Education.

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