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About AMEN Australia


The Australian chapter of the Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN) was formed by a group of doctors, dentists, medical and dental students who felt the need to experience a personal revival of medical evangelism in life and practice, and were inspired by the vision and mission of AMEN in the US.

It all began when a few like-minded attendees at an AYC convention in Sydney in 2010 met over lunch discussing ways of improved networking to support and encourage one another. The following year, in April 2011, contact was made with AMEN in the US to enquire about resources for forming an Australian chapter, which was met with favourable and most encouraging support. In August 2011, at the Adventist Health Professionals’ Conference at the Sydney Adventist Hospital, a group of attendees interested in the formation of this chapter met over an evening meal. Out of this meeting stemmed a vision for a formal conference, and a group of like minded health professionals collaborated to arrange the inaugural AMEN Australia conference in Melbourne, December 2012. From this inspirational conference with certain evidence of God’s blessing, a formal board was elected and AMEN Australia was born.

Our mission and objectives remain similar to the parent organisation, and we are grateful for the support and encouragement we have received from the Adventist Health Department in our Division; we look forward to working together collaboratively to see the fulfilment of our shared vision.

The Lord’s blessing on AMEN globally is being manifested in the following tangible ways:

  • AMEN members continue to be involved in overseas mission work in many places.

  • AMEN journal, “The Medical Evangelist” continues to provide practical, potent reports of medical evangelism from the field.

  • A group of AMEN members in the US launched Life and Health Network – a cutting-edge, internet-based television network which broadcasts the best of Adventist health programming 24/7.

  • AMEN’s international influence is growing – originally in the US (see for details), it now includes chapters in Nigeria and the UK as well as Australia.

  • Despite its growth and development, AMEN remains dedicated to its original goals – to inspire, equip, and motivate health professionals to become effective medical evangelists at home, in the clinic, and in the community.

Current Board Members


Dr Aaron Koh

Board Member & President

Aaron graduated from Monash University in 2009 and obtained his fellowship from Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners in 2017. Driven by Christ’s ministry of health and gospel, Aaron has been actively involved in various community health programs over the years evangelising evidence-based lifestyle and preventative medicine, combining the health message and the gospel of Christ. He is married to Jessalynn who shares the same passion for health ministry.

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Dr Kathleen Lockhart

Board Member & Treasurer

Dr Kathleen Lockhart is currently working as an unaccredited Surgical/Urology registrar for NSW Health in the Hunter New England area. Her professional interests include Urological research, the role of women and mental health in the medical professions.

Her wonderful current church family is at Hamilton Seventh Day Adventist church.


Dr Joy Akrawi

Board Member & Secretary

Joy is passionate about medical ministry and bringing God into the centre of her profession in all opportunities with patients and peers. Her interests include exploring nature, playing soccer and socialising.

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Dr Marcha William

Board Member

Marcha William is an international speaker, singer, artist, composer and doctor, who is passionate about sharing how incredibly loved and valued we are to God. She enjoys composing and singing Christian devotional music to help listeners experience deeper communion with God.


Dr Jessalyn Chia

Board Member

Jessalynn completed her undergraduate degree in neuroscience and psychology before going on to study postgraduate medicine. She graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2016 and she is currently working as a GP registrar in Melbourne. Her passion lies in combining personal ministry with medical missionary work, reaching the hearts of people through "Christ's method alone".

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Dr Cherelle Fitzclarence

Board Member

Cherelle is a sandgroper third generation Adventist Doctor currently working as the Director of Medical Services of a mid size rural hospital in the north of West Australia.

Her background is General Practice with post grad qualifications in rural medicine, obstetrics, paediatrics, forensic medicine, aviation medicine along with Public Health, education and Lifestyle Medicine. She has served on many committees and has volunteered in multiple capacities over the years. She was for some years the Chair of the Division of General Practice in the Kimberley. She has served on the Board of Adventist Aged Care in Western Australia. She is a wife, mother and grandmother, is a firm believer in the 3 angels message and is looking forward to the soon return of our Lord and Saviour.

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Shenani Koren

Student Representative

Shenani is a medical student studying at the University of New South Wales. She is passionate about incorporating God’s health message into medical study and practice and using health ministry to draw people to Christ. In her spare time, Shenani enjoys playing musical instruments and singing, learning languages, rock climbing, playing basketball, bushwalking and loves meeting new people!


Shaun David-Wilathgamuwa

Student Representative

Shaun is a 5th year Medical student and a passionate Christian. Having been born in Sri Lanka, Shaun moved to Australia at the age of 11 with his younger brother and parents. Shaun was brought up In a Christian family but his journey as an Adventist only started after he moved to Australia. Having a keen interest in Health and well-being since he was young, Shaun pursued to study medicine. Throughout pursuing and studying medicine, Shaun had the opportunity to know Jesus personally and commit his life to Him. Having been saved, humbled and inspired by what Jesus has done and is doing in his life, Shaun is passionate about serving Jesus in the field of health, community and ministry.

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