2019 Conference

Adelaide, Australia

Plenary sessions and talks including themes such as:

  • Witnesses unto me – in the marketplace

  • Spiritual conversation starters

  • A house full of darkness

  • The Ellenphant in the room – a sensible hermeneutic

  • Witnesses unto me – in the home


Dr Edwin Nebblett – Dr Nebblett received his Master’s degree in Public Health after completing medical school training at Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California. Postgraduate Residency training was undertaken at Hinsdale Hospital in Hinsdale, Illinois, followed by a teaching fellowship in Waco, Texas. Dr Edwin is also a board member of AMEN USA.
Dr Robert Granger – Dermatologist in Bunbury, WA, and past board member of AMEN Australia.
Dr David Haupt – Pastoral advisor to AMEN Australia, director of ADRA & Adventist community services for NNSW conference.
Dr Glen Hughes – Private dentist and volunteer associate pastor at Byron Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Dr Aaron Koh – General Practitioner with a passion for health outreach in Melbourne.
Pr Andrew Jasper – Director of Health Ministries, Victorian Conference.
Dr Joy Akrawi – Junior doctor completing internship in Sydney and student/junior doctor representative to the board of AMEN Australia.
Dr Geraldine Przybylko – Facilitator of comprehensive Health Strategy for the South Pacific Division.
Dr Daryl Cheng – Paediatrician from Victoria, previous speaker at AMEN USA & AMEN Australia conferences.
Dr Berenice Cheng – Dentist from Victoria, past AMEN Australia board member and speaker at AMEN Australia conferences.
Dr Paul Rankin – Health Director at Greater Sydney Conference, past director of CHIP.
Tom Sliwa – Optometrist from South Australia 
You can listen to recordings from the 2019 Conference on AudioVerse

Memories from 2019 conference: