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2018 Conference - Adelaide

November 23-25, 2019
Rydges South Park, Adelaide, Australia

Healing ~ Surviving ~ Thriving

Plenary sessions and talks including topics such as:

  • Learning from the Great Physician

  • Maintaining Life Balance

  • Importance of Health Programs in Local Churches

  • Power in Multi-dimensional Thinking

  • Practical aspects of working in a secular environment as a Christian health professional



Dr Neil Nedley – Well known international speaker, internal physician, founder of Depression Recovery Program
Dr Samuel Sidharta – Cardiologist in Adelaide, active member of local church
Dr Robert Granger – Dermatologist in Bunbury, WA, & past board member of AMEN Australia
David Haupt – Pastoral advisor to AMEN Australia, director of ADRA & Adventist community services for NNSW conference
Geraldine Przybylko – Facilitator of comprehensive Health Strategy for the South Pacific Division
Pr Paul Rankin – CHIP in Churches Director, SPD
Dr Andrew Pennington – General practitioner in Sydney, recently set up own lifestyle clinic, past board member of AMEN
Dr Justin Jackson – Infectious diseases physician in rural NSW, board member of AMEN
Dr Natasha Ching – Advanced paediatric trainee in Melbourne, board member of AMEN
Dr Carina Cotaru – Obstetrician/gynaecologist in Darwin NT, board member of AMEN
Pr Andrew Jasper – Director of Health Ministries, Victorian Conference
Joy Akrawi – Student Representative & board member of AMEN
Angie Thompson – Director of Health Ministries, South Australia Conference
Camila Skaf – Director of Health Ministries, North NSW Conference & co-founder of SEEDS
Qing Ling – Registered Nurse & Quality Risk Manager
Dr Aaron Koh – GP & active in medical missionary outreach in Melbourne

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